DEAR Parent/Guardian

The most important element of nation building is very much depend on its upcoming generation and while talking of upcoming generation we must first talk of children because they are like the new born tree in the nursery that needs more and more care for their survival and continuous growth.

And in this way the role of a gardener is very important in shaping the future of that tree because if it is not looked after with proper care, then it might be possible that one day it will die.

I think similar is the condition of children who also need a lot of care for their continuous growth. And the gardener here is the teacher and in a broader sense we call it a school.
So school plays a very important role in watering and shaping the character and personality of students and finally the future of student.

And we at Jay Gurudev Public School get on the duties towards  our students as a gardener. We care our students as a mother cares her child.

The world doesn't run on theory that have been taught in the books  rather it is the practicality of things that helps one to survive well in this world and that is why we lays emphasis on developing practical intelligence in our students.

As we all know that environment is one of the affecting factors of shaping and developing one's behaviour. Everyone here, I think is a reflection of the environment from where he or she belongs to and in this regard we are very much concerned about the environment and we have always been striving to provide a very safe and healthy environment.

We also aim to acknowledge our students with our glorious traditions of the past so that they will remain connected to the roots from where they belong and also they can learn the culture, values, sacramant for which we are known for.

So, we provide our students such an environment which inspires one to embrace their bright future and also makes them aware of our glorious past. we believe that every students has their own individual talent and we only have to help  them to discover their talents.

And at last I would like to say that I feel no hesitation to tell you that if you admit your ward in our institution then I promise you for his safe and secure future. You all always have been guiding factors for us and for that, we will always be grateful to you.
And in future also, we hope your guidance.full-width